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Get to know our coffee-based products

Mr. Cruzado's passion for coffee is driving Pasiones Coffee to expand its coffee lines and build different coffee-based products.

We begin by introducing the first coffee-based products:
"CoffeeRub" seasoning, the perfect complement for meat lovers, perfected through the knowledge acquired by Manuel in the kitchens of his restaurants.


Pasiones Coffee Club

Try different flavors of coffee through our membership, monthly or weekly you receive different types of coffee from all over Puerto Rico. We take 48 hours to ship, this way you can enjoy the best flavors of Puerto Rico from your kitchen.

Type Of Subscription

Monthly or Weekly


You will receive a 2oz coffee bag free of charge monthly!


100% Puerto Rican


We will include a detailed description of the coffee and sugested brewing receipes.

Abuelo Domingo Dark edition

Medium, dark chocolate & smoked, low acidity, washed process, arabica variety.

Dark edition is our version of Northern Italian style espresso blended with a rich roasted flavor and just a hint of bitter sweetener - just like those beautifully simple yet complex espresso drinks you'll find along the cobblestone streets of Rome. As versatile as it is delicious, this espresso blend is roasted differently from the Italian espresso style, but also shows beauty in every drop of coffee.

Abuelo Domingo Reserva

cafe abuelo domingo reserva

Especie & Variety

Especie: Arabica
Variety: Limani, Caturra, Marsellesa, Typica

Process, Body & Origin

Process: Washed
Body: Medium
Origin: Puerto Rico

Roast Level & Tasting notes

Roast Level: Classico Medium
Tasting notes: Chocolate, nuts, roasted hazelnuts.