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About Us

Pasiones Coffee

Pasiones Coffee Roasters, founded by Manuel A. Cruzado Rodríguez in 2021, is a company that aims to offer coffee grown by local farmers and roasted 100% in Puerto Rico, offering a product of the highest quality.

Our Tradition

Don Domingo

Our ultra-premium coffee is inspired by Manuel Cruzado's grandfather, Don Domingo, a person who lived to be 103 years old. A tireless worker of the land who worked until the last year of his life always carrying his machete in his hand. Being the representation of the Puerto Rican worker who always enjoys a good cup of coffee from the farms of Puerto Rico. Inspired and as a tribute we proudly present this Don Domingo coffee, 100% first class Puerto Rican coffee.

Our Essence

Manuel Cruzado

Although the company is relatively new, Mr. Cruzado, its founder, and the president has more than twelve years of experience in the restaurant industry and has always been passionate about coffee with expertise in coffee roasting. The essence of Pasiones Coffee Roaster's coffee is in the selection of the best coffee grains, and the roasting process in which different curves are applied to highlight the qualities of each coffee bean to get the best out of them. The result is a specialized coffee, balanced and delicious in each sip.

Our mission and vision


To be a promoter of "Origen Puerto Rico", which emphasizes that the coffee we sell is grown, harvested and roasted 100% in Puerto Rico. Our main product, which is coffee, comes from Boricua farmers, this is not only coffee roasted in Puerto Rico, this is Origin Puerto Rico coffee.


To make Origen Puerto Rico a standard of excellence. Our vision of coffee is one in which we want Puerto Rico to be considered again as a country that can produce coffee of excellence and that coffee roasters can exalt, through roasting, the positive attributes of Origin Puerto Rico coffee. We want Pasiones Coffee Roasters to be recognized as a roastery that roasts coffee from different towns in Puerto Rico, and that every product that has the Pasiones Coffee Roasters seal be identified as one of first quality.