My Grandfather Coffee

Don Domingo was my grandfather, a person who lived for a long 103 years. He was a tireless worker of the land, always machete in hand Domingo worked until his last years of life. In a tribute to the hard-working Puerto Rican who always tasted a good cup of coffee from the farms of Puerto Rico, we present this coffee: Cafe Don Domingo, a first-class 100% Puerto Rican coffee.

Manuel Cruzado

The chef and roaster of this experiment, with more than 10 years of experience in a commercial kitchens and 3 years as roasting expert. After having selected the best coffees, Chef Cruzado applies various roasting curves to enhance the qualities of each coffee and get the best of them. The result is a coffee that has been carefully roasted, ensuring every detail in the roasting process to obtain a balanced and delicious specialty coffee in every sip..

Mayaguez, Puerto Rico 1917.  

Video gallery

Beautiful videos of our products and coffee process.



Fair Trade

We only source the best coffee beans from Puerto Rico and arround the world.

Small Batch Roasting

Ultimate Technology Coffee Roasters

Each one of the coffees we roast is done in small batches with the greatest care and with a roaster with the most advanced technology available.

ROaster way

Chef Cruzado

We started Pasiones Coffee to show that if we have good quality coffee available fresh we can roast it and get a great coffee in every sip we drink. We believe in freedom of choice, in the freedom to do things in different ways. Pasiones offers our community a different coffee service, a gourmet coffee, a coffee roasted by a chef who is passionate about cooking and coffee.

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